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The interest of the medical imaging community in AI is amply demonstrated. Initial predictions about the disappearance of the specialty have given way to recognition of the enormous potential of AI to improve the work of radiologists. We have undertaken to optimize the use of AI in our practice in order to improve the quality of our service. I am very happy to be able to count on Milvue as a partner in this initiative.

Dr Luigi Lepanto
Services d'Imagerie ViaMedica
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Dr Vincent Sebban

Through the RIS, we immediately have access to the Milvue analysis results, and I would say, most importantly – the icing on the cake – the software is capable of generating an automated report with detailed information about the fracture and the performed incidences.

This is extremely valuable in terms of saving time and increasing productivity !

Dr Sebban Vincent
Excellence Imagerie
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“Real diagnostic aid as a 1st or 2nd reader. Tool has become essential for automatic measurements. Reassures the radiologist and clearly speeds up the workflow.”

Rating : 4,9/5
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“From every point of view, an excellent company. Whether it’s about the service provided, communication, or partnership. Always attentive, always there to find solutions.”

Rating : 5/5
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