Partenariat VIDI MILVUE

Press Release,
Paris, March 22, 2022


Making AI useful and accessible is the promise of Milvue, a new partner referenced by the Vidi network.


The Vidi cooperative network has chosen to reference the Milvue company on an innovative and unprecedented functional spectrum and to give all its members access to the latest generation of conventional radiology tools.

For Vidi, AI makes it possible to increase the comfort of radiologists while improving the quality of patient care. Especially since these new technologies can now be routinely integrated into a radiological workflow.

Milvue, a company specialized in AI for imaging, has developed a unique solution that brings real added value to imaging groups on conventional radiology. Indeed,¬†Milvue Suite¬†allows in a single tool not only the detection of 7 bone and lung pathologies but also the quantification of osteo-articular measurements. It currently includes 2 modules that can be deployed independently SmartUrgences¬ģ and SmartXpert¬ģ.

Developed over the past 5 years by and with expert radiologists and awarded the JFR Innovation Prize in 2019, SmartUrgences¬ģ, a¬†CE IIa certified medical device, reliably and transparently enables the sorting and prioritization of examinations thanks to the real-time detection of¬†7 families of radiographic anomalies¬†in adults and children:¬†fracture, dislocation, joint effusion, pulmonary opacities, pleural effusion, pneumothorax and pulmonary nodules.

” SmartUrgences¬ģ is a complete and easy-to-use solution, which increases the analysis capacity while securing the diagnosis. The intelligent management of multiple pathologies in a single solution is a real plus because in a certain number of cases, fracture detection alone is not sufficient.
¬†Today,it has become an indispensable assistant to manage the continuous flow of X-rays,”¬†says Dr. Olivier Andr√©ani of the Riviera Imagerie group in Nice, a¬†member of the Vidi network.

First prize at the SIMS research forum in 2019, SmartXpert¬ģ is a solution that fully automates osteoarticular measurements on conventional radiographs. This module is also used as a complement to the SmartUrgences¬ģ module for the detection of certain traumatic anomalies that would not otherwise be detectable.¬†This unique technology has been patented since January 2020.

“Even for experienced radiologists, taking measurements is often time-consuming and restrictive. SmartXpert¬ģ is a real revolution because the measurements are 100% automated and immediately available when the file is opened,”¬†notes Dr. Jean-Baptiste Meyer of the Radiolor group, also a member of the Vidi network. This doctor is behind the hashtag¬†#bienvumilvue¬†– which is aptly named – as he likes to remind us.

Based on the positive feedback from radiologists in the network, Vidi decided to select Milvue as its partner of choice in AI and to make its solutions available to the entire network at preferential conditions.

And the prospects of this partnership do not stop there since Milvue is already working on the development of new solutions such as the detection of spinal fractures or automated measurements for the EOS system.

To be continued…

About the Vidi network:

Vidi is the leading medical imaging network in France. Through its independence, it defends a medical project for the benefit of the quality of diagnosis and care for all patients. By building a national network, it facilitates access to excellent diagnostics and care as well as to radiologists who are highly specialized in all areas of expertise, throughout France.

The 62 radiology centers of the Vidi Group located throughout the country bring together more than 1000 radiologists. They are all mobilized to perform the most relevant and efficient medical imaging examinations in all specialties throughout the care process, from screening to interventional procedures, from diagnosis to care. The radiologists in the Vidi network share the values of responsibility, commitment, accessibility and human relations.

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