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You already know that our solutions enable faster diagnoses, better flow management, and more effective focus on patients. But what specific needs do they meet? How do they positively impact your daily life? What role does our generative AI play in your pre-reports?

To help you quickly understand how we already support hundreds of radiologists, emergency room doctors, and radiographers, we have created an explanatory video. In it, you will discover how our artificial intelligence solution improves workflow management, enables efficient prioritization, enhances diagnostic security, and saves time for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Discover the benefits of our technology :


Managing an increasing volume of exams within ever-tightening deadlines places significant pressure on your teams, heightens the risk of diagnostic errors, and prolongs wait times for patients.

The Milvue artificial intelligence solution streamlines your daily tasks by improving workflow management, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and saving time for you and your patients.

Easy to deploy and interoperable, Milvue offers numerous benefits, including a remarkable reduction of 90% in diagnostic errors in the emergency workflow and of one hour in waiting time.

Zero clicks! As soon as your patient, whether adult or child, completes their examination, your worklist is prioritized and you gain immediate access to AI-enhanced images directly on your interpretation console. Annotated squares precisely pinpoint detected anomalies.

Thanks to generative AI, you automatically receive a preliminary report, which you can easily edit and complete using voice recognition.

Milvue also automates orthopedic measurements with precision and consistency, boosting your productivity by up to 70%.

Save time for what matters most: your patients’ health!

Our AI does not replace radiologists, it makes them irreplaceable.

The Milvue Suite software, developed by the Milvue company, is a Class IIa medical device within the meaning of EU Regulation MDR 2017/745 – Notified Body: BSI, CE 2797.


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