Excellence Imagerie selects the AI-lliance Box, a “simple, fast and efficient” solution.

Paris, April 22, 2024Milvue, a leading company in artificial intelligence in medical imaging, is proud to announce a collaboration with Excellence Imagerie through the AI-lliance Box solution.

In the pursuit of medical excellence, with a focus on placing the patient at the heart of its attention, Excellence Imagerie is a group that brings together four high-level Parisian radiology centers composed of around sixty radiologists. Its high volume of activity (300,000 patients per year) and its sustainable and collective approach aimed at achieving excellence in diagnosis for better patient care, has led this company to test innovative projects in the field of medical imaging. Its goal? To optimize organization within the offices and facilitate the care pathway for the ultimate benefit of its patients.

It is in this context that Milvue has been implemented at the CSE in the 10th arrondissement for the past 5 years. Since February 2024, a second Excellence Imagerie center (CSE Bastille) has been equipped with the AI-lliance Box artificial intelligence solution. In two other centers (IRP and IMFM, which use a different RIS/PACS system), the solution is currently being deployed.

The AI-lliance Box

The AI-lliance Box is the most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) offering on the medical imaging market. It currently combines an AI for musculoskeletal, pulmonary and mammographic imaging. It also allows, via an integrated module (AI-Gateway), the anonymization of original exams.

How does it work ? When a patient visits one of the Excellence Imagerie centers, their radiologist now has, in addition to the usual images, additional images on which pathologies, or their absence, are detected by the AI of the Box. These rapid and precise results generated by the AI are supplemented by anatomical measurements, as well as a pre-report automatically created in the site’s Information System. A complementary solution to the radiologist’s expertise, which enables them to confirm their diagnosis and decision-making.

For the CSE : interoperability and ease of use

The main challenge of this multi-site implementation was the fusion of Excellence Imagerie’s composite ecosystem with the advanced technologies of the AI-lliance Box, as not all centers use the same PACS and RIS. A challenge met by Milvue, as the AI-lliance Box solution was designed to be interoperable regardless of the editor used by radiologists. A harmonious integration and ease of use of the Milvue solution. Dr. Vincent Sebban, a member of the Excellence Imagerie medical committee, testified :

témoignages _ Dr Vincent Sebban



“What was fundamental for us was to work on the integration of the Milvue solution into our PACS and RIS ecosystem. It was extremely interesting to see how we were able to implement this solution according to the different editors and practices of each center of the Excellence Imagerie group with an almost immediate positive impact on the workflow. This ease of adoption allowed a smooth integration into the daily practice of radiologists.”


Therefore, the partnership between Milvue and Excellence Imagerie represents a major advance in the field of radiology. The combined expertise in musculoskeletal and pulmonary radiology, supported by the AI-lliance Box, offers a highly efficient solution. The CSE’s vision emphasizes the tangible impact on the daily practice of radiologists and radiographers. This collaboration is the result of their commitment to innovation, providing healthcare professionals with a cutting-edge solution to anticipate future challenges in radiology.



About Milvue

We respond to new challenges in medical imaging by creating dedicated AI solutions integrated into radiologists’ daily routine. Based on a focused use of Deep Learning, we help radiologists make faster diagnoses, better manage patients’ workflows and focus even more efficiently on patients. We offer more than technical innovation, we are committed to a medical, social and societal revolution that puts humans at the heart of all strategies. Our ai does not replace radiologists, it makes them irreplaceable.

About Excellence Imagerie

Founded in 2019, Excellence Imagerie brings together the expertise of three Parisian medical imaging centers around a medical project based on the expertise of specialists by organ, a high-level technical platform, and the quality of patient care. The group, which has around ten sites, includes 160 employees (medical secretaries and radiographers) and 60 radiologists. Excellence Imagerie has 300,000 patients and 400,000 consultations per year, including 150,000 in breast imaging.

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For Milvue : Hortense Bachelier / hortense@milvue.com / 06 85 55 34 83

For Excellence Imagerie : Laurent Maillard / laurent.maillard@excellence-imagerie.com / 06 60 59 77 07


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