Milvue recently had the opportunity to present its advances in generative artificial intelligence at the prestigious “Demo Day” at Microsoft.

Selected in October last year for this inaugural program, Milvue proudly participated in this transformative initiative aimed at exploiting generative AI to revolutionize industries.

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, Milvue highlighted its advances in generative AI in healthcare at the Demo Day at Microsoft, the result of the Generative AI Program. This initiative was supported by prestigious partners : Microsoft, Cellenza, ImpactAI, Station F, Chanel, and Clariane.

Our President and Medical Director, co-founder radiologist, Alexandre Parpaleix, and our Scientific Director and Co-founder, Malo Huard, shared innovative projects from these 10 weeks of hard work and exploration of solutions to address sector challenges through this technology.

At this Demo Day, the 12 winners of the Generative AI Program, including Milvue, were able to present their innovative use cases developed around generative AI.

We are proud to see the progress made during these weeks of mentoring. Our efforts remind us how technology can be a driver of positive change for the professions of tomorrow. This promising adventure reinforces our belief that generative AI is a powerful catalyst for the future evolution of our professions, and we are eager to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.


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