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Emergency imaging treatment, 24/7, requires radiologists to adapt to the irregular and ever-increasing flow of patients. Despite this constant strain on the workflow, reliable diagnosis and rapid treatment are essential to avoid serious consequences for the patient.

Smart Trauma meets this challenge. Thanks to advanced analysis of X-ray images using deep learning, our solution instantly detects even the most minute anomalies of the skeletal bone (fracture, joint dislocation, elbow joint effusion) and supports radiologists in optimizing the prioritization of their examinations and the quality of their diagnoses. For the patient, the result is safer, smoother treatment.

Smart Trauma is Canada Health approved.
Smart Trauma is a class IIa medical device.

Time saved
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patient care.

3 FAMILIES OF PATHOLOGIES DETECTED: Fracture, joint dislocation and elbow joint effusion

XR Appendicular skeleton fracture| Ribs cage fracture | Joint dislocation | Elbow joint effusion


Smart Trauma is a class IIa medical device, and is designed to help healthcare professionals analyze radiological images. Clinical evaluation and final diagnosis are based solely on the expertise of the healthcare professional.

For all information on the use and characteristics of the product, please read the user guide available on request in the Contact section of the site.


Milvue standardizes practices to simplify the daily work of radiologists:

  • Easy-to-implement decision support solutions to boost productivity ;
  • Streamlined interaction for enhanced collaborative intelligence ;
  • Timesaving for even better patient care.


Assessment of a combined musculoskeletal and chest deep learning-based detection solution in an emergency setting.

Authors : Parpaleix A, Parsy C, Cordari M, Mejdoubi M.
Partners : CH de Valenciennes et Arterys
Publication : March 2023 in the European Journal of Radiology Open.

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Expert, committed and bold, we work with people who share our values. Discover the opinions of these professionals who have chosen Milvue solutions!

“The introduction of this new tool was simple and natural. The adoption of AI was made easy through its seamless and intuitive integration into our daily workflow. All team members quickly embraced the Milvue Suite.”

Drs Brandouy and Hummel
Limoges, France
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“An innovative solution that addresses a security need by enhancing physicians’ capabilities.”

Dr Arnaud Berthier
GHT Haut Bugey
Bourg-en-Bresse, France
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Profil Picture of Dr Andreani

“The Milvue Solution is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that enhances analytical capacity while ensuring secure diagnostics. The intelligent management of multiple pathologies within a single solution is a significant advantage because, in many cases, detecting fractures alone is not sufficient. It has become an essential assistant today for handling the continuous flow of X-rays.”

Dr Olivier Andréani
Riviera Imagerie
Nice, France
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