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GMM Group  and Milvue collaborate to integrate artificial intelligence into radiographic devices and revolutionize medical imaging

Paris, July 20, 2022,

GMM, European leader in radiology systems, based in Bergamo (Italy) and Milvue, European startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence for medical imaging, based in Paris (France), have formalized their partnership at the last European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna (Austria). This structural and strategic partnership embodies a common vision: to make medical imaging accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms directly into conventional radiology applications

Far beyond the simple commercial partnership, GMM and Milvue combine their know-how to incorporate the innovative artificial intelligence solutions, developed by Milvue for the diagnosis of bone-pulmonary pathologies and for the automatic quantification of measurements, in the entire range of systems for conventional radiology of GMM Group, including mobile radiographic units.
The new integration, in addition to detecting fractures, facilitates the identification of 6 other types of bone and pulmonary pathologies (dislocations, joint effusions, pulmonary nodules, pneumothorax, pulmonary opacity and pleural effusion) and allows the automatic creation, from the SmartXpert module, of the most frequent measurements in MSK radiography.

Optimizing patient flow in the Emergency and Scheduled radiology

“This brand new technological architecture, also available in offline mode, has the dual objective of eliminating problems related to cybersecurity and giving direct access to AI results during the execution of the examination to improve their clinical pertinence”, explains Monica Sordi, CEO of GMM Group.
Several clinical studies show that the reporting of anomalies can help operators produce additional images in order to optimize the acquisition protocol and thus refine the diagnosis.
It is therefore the totality of the imaging workflows performed on hospitalized patients, in the emergency department and for scheduled examinations that are optimized, to the benefit of the patient.
This unique integration will ensure not only safer management of the patients by reducing the time required for diagnosis, but also the automation and standardization of orthopaedic examinations.

Producing value internationally and in France through sustainable development

The collaboration between GMM and Milvue has intensified since the last French Radiology Congress (JFR) , held in Paris in October 2021, and was recently formalized through the implementation of joint projects both in France, with Primax, and internationally.
Beyond the purely clinical aspect, the partnership between GMM and Milvue is part of both a long-term line of co-developed projects and the commitment to a common eco-responsible approach.
Alexandre Parpaleix, President and Co-founder of Milvue, specifies that “integrated in the range of GMM and its partners, Milvue Suite is made available also in areas characterized by a low density of health services, thus reinforcing the idea of an Ethical, Useful and Accessible Artificial Intelligence.».
GMM and Milvue staff will be back with news right after the summer holidays with the first installations, and joint presentations at the Italian Radiology Congress held in Rome (SIRM), as well as the French Radiology Congress (JFR) held in Paris.

About GMM:

For over 70 years General Medical Merate, GMM Group, has been a leading company in Italy and worldwide in the design and production of systems for medical radiology. Its wide range of products is the result of continuous investment and proven know-how applied to technological evolution in order to meet the needs of modern diagnostic imaging while ensuring total ergonomics for the patient and the operator. GMM is present worldwide, directly or through validated and trusted partners, with installations in the most important hospitals and clinics and provides a highly appreciated after-sales service. The Group has launched a vast project of progressive development of its systems based mainly on artificial intelligence, which aims to optimize its functionalities, streamline workflow, improve interactions with operators and patients, and continue the continuous improvement of image quality combined with the reduction of the dose delivered to the patient.

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