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Milvue and Therapixel partner to offer radiologists the best of AI.

The strategic AI-lliance partnership between Therapixel and Milvue aims to make artificial intelligence applied to medical imaging as accessible as possible by offering a combined AI solution tailored for osteoarticular, pulmonary, and mammographic imaging in medical centers.

A strategic alliance to provide radiologists with the very best of Artificial Intelligence applied to medical imaging.

Paris, September 8, 2023,

Milvue and Therapixel, two leading French companies in the field of medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence, announce a strategic alliance named AI-lliance. This collaboration combines the expertise of two multi-disciplinary teams passionate about technological innovation, all striving for the same goal : making AI applied to medical imaging as accessible as possible. By pooling their skills and resources whenever necessary, they will facilitate the deployment of their innovative solutions among radiologists, accelerate the implementation of decision-support tools that enhance patient care pathways, and bring efficiency to radiology centers.

AĂŻssa Khelifa, CEO of Milvue, states : “It’s a significant advancement in the adoption of AI by radiologists. AI-lliance will enable them to seamlessly integrate the most commonly used AI tools in radiology centers.”

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, CEO of Therapixel, adds “We are thrilled to initiate this alliance with Milvue and believe that offering radiology centers a solution that is both powerful, comprehensive, and easy to deploy is imperative for AI adoption.”


About Therapixel

Therapixel is a French company specializing in the design and commercialization of AI-based medical imaging software. Winner of the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge in 2017, a global competition on AI-based breast cancer detection, Therapixel has developed MammoScreen™, a software aiding the interpretation of 2D and 3D screening mammograms (CE and FDA approved). With MammoScreen™, even experienced radiologists can enhance their performance, feel more confident in their judgments, and provide reassurance to women more swiftly. Learn more at

About Milvue

Since 2018, leveraging Deep Learning, Milvue has been implementing AI-based medical imaging solutions for healthcare professionals. Their mission is to optimize patient care workflows in emergency and imaging services. More than just predictive and collaborative tools, Milvue’s CE-certified solutions are created by and for physicians, addressing the primary challenge of improving the healthcare system. To learn more about Milvue, visit our website:


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Hortense Bachelier
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For Therapixel

Neliya Tumbeva


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