Picture of AP-HM signs a strategic partnership with two French AI specialists: Incepto and Milvue

World first in digital health, AP-HM signs a strategic partnership with two French AI specialists: Incepto and Milvue

This partnership aims to support the design, development, integration and production of artificial intelligence solutions within the AP-HM Imaging Center. A world first, this partnership aims to intensify efforts across the entire value chain.

As part of the medical radiology project of its “Imaging Center”, a major player in radiology with more than 450,000 examinations per year, theAP-HM has chosen Incepto and Milvue to accelerate, structure and amplify its leadership in the field of AI in radiology. The establishment will allow AP-HM physicians and their patients to benefit from these technological innovations in a large number of care sectors: emergency care, oncology, pediatrics, etc.

For example, a solution to help diagnose lung cancer, already used in a study, will be deployed on a large scale in the near future to improve the management and follow-up of this pathology, the most deadly cancer in France.

This partnership is unique because it integrates in a common vision all of the building blocks that will allow us to actively contribute to the co-development of AI applications, their evaluation and their use in clinical routine. This large-scale project demonstrates the determination of the institution’s management to strengthen its excellence in this field and to give medical teams the means to play an integral part in the construction of tomorrow’s innovations.

Creation of the first platform for the design, validation and orchestration of AI projects in radiology within a healthcare institution

This strategic partnership in radiology is based on the deployment of the first technological platform for the design, testing and dissemination of AI projects in radiology, and this within all the hospitals of the AP-HM group, but also on the implementation of all the procedures (annotation, local training of algorithms) allowing the acceleration of the design of new AI solutions with the guarantee of an ethical treatment of data, in accordance with the respect of the rights and safety of patients


Launch of the first co-creation projects in radiology

To carry out the first joint projects of creation or validation of AI algorithms, theAP-HM will complement the know-how of the Incepto and Milvue teams with privileged access to the high-level medical skills of theAP-HM Imaging Center.

The common objective is to identify and bring out the innovations of tomorrow, to have them carried by the medical profession, and thus bring them into routine to the heart of medical practices.

‍A single platform to orchestrate innovations in the radiology workflow
Radiologists at AP-HM will be able to access, in clinical routine, AI solutions developed internally byAP-HM, solutions co-developed with industrial partners, and solutions already on the market. Management will be done through the unique and secure Incepto platform.

François CREMIEUX, Director General of the AP-HM: This partnership with Milvue and Incepto poses major challenges: today there are many ideas germinating around artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of imaging. The challenge is to move from ideas to projects that are really useful for diagnosing and treating patients or for the quality of work of professionals. This 100% French partnership is at the heart of this challenge, and the AP-HM will provide its partners with the playing field that will enable them to turn good ideas into reality and develop AI algorithms and, above all, integrate them into the overall diagnostic process. Our goal is also to go fast. Much faster and to save time in the long process, sometimes a real valley of death, that leads an algorithm to its production. AI in healthcare is a sector where France can be one of the best European leaders, but only if we are not only good, but also fast. I am sure that this partnership will contribute to this. Finally, this project is an exemplary example of the major challenges facing the AP-HM over the next decade, as we aim to become a major national and European healthcare innovation center.

Antoine Jomier, CEO and co-founder of Incepto: We are very proud to have been chosen by AP-HM to support them in their ambitious project to create and co-create AI solutions within their establishments. This marks a new step in Incepto’s development and contributes to further extend our promise to offer the largest number of patients in France the best applications of AI in the healthcare field. This partnership marks the birth of a strategic alliance for the radiology industry in France.

Alexandre Parpaleix, Radiologist, Founder of Milvue: This partnership is a high point in the development of French know-how in artificial intelligence. By providing ultra-secure access to large amounts of data and offering annotation services through the collaboration of expert radiologists, the AP-HM opens the way to the necessary alliance between hospitals and AI providers and allows us to envisage an unprecedented acceleration of algorithm development. As of 2023, Milvue will launch a series of work programs with the AP-HM Medical Imaging Center as part of this partnership.‍

About Incepto

Created in 2018, Incepto is the first European platform for artificial intelligence solutions applied to medical imaging. With around 100 clinics equipped with their AI solutions and already more than 100,000 patients monitored every month, Incepto’s mission is twofold: to help doctors identify the most efficient solutions and put them to work for them, while co-creating new applications with them, tailored to their specific needs. Incepto’s ambition is to assist physicians on a daily basis in improving the accuracy of diagnosis, the care pathway and the quality of patient care.

For more information: https://incepto-medical.com/fr

About Milvue

Since 2018 and thanks to Deep Learning, Milvue implements medical imaging Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare professionals, with the mission of optimizing patient management workflows in emergency and imaging departments. More than just predictive and collaborative tools, Milvue’s solutions, which are CE certified, are created by and for doctors and respond to the priority issue of improving the healthcare system.