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Revolutionizing emergency imaging with AI

The name Milvue is inspired by Milvus, a diurnal bird of prey with a piercing gaze. At the origin of this Parisian start-up is Alexandre Parpaleix, a young radiology intern and doctor in neurosciences who, after having to interpret a pile of emergency X-rays taken during the night, decided to use artificial intelligence to help him sort the exams and make a first level diagnosis.

Two years of work later, in July 2018, was born Milvue, which he co-founded with two friends from Polytechnique and PhD in AI, Malo Huard and Ronan Riochet, the company’s scientific and technical directors, respectively, and Thomas Gavoille, a graduate of Ensae, who drives engineering.

Now hosted by the incubator of the Cochin Hospital, the company announced on Tuesday that it had finalized its Series A funding round at €8 million from European investors specialized in AI, including 58 French radiologists, like Professor Guy Frija, who subscribed about 1 million.

” Beyond the business plan, they thoroughly audited our Deep Learning algorithms and our ability to reuse them in other areas, such as cross-sectional imaging,” explains Aissa Khelifa, Managing Director since September 2020 and former Sales and Marketing Director of Agfa Healthcare France.

Milvue ‘s patented technology is capable of delivering in real time – in 30 to 60 seconds – a diagnosis made reliable by AI, an indication of the degree of priority of the examination to be interpreted by the radiologist and the automated preparation of the report, which until now has been very time consuming.

“The Milvue Suite secures the diagnosis of the emergency doctor by avoiding between 70 to 90% of errors, according to a study carried out in Valenciennes University Hospital” he argues.

With CE IIa marking since February 2020, this novel solution for the complete diagnosis and triage of osteoarticular and pulmonary pathologies, in a single algorithm, is marketed in France and via partners in Switzerland, Spain and soon in Germany.

In 2022, Milvue, which will recruit twelve data scientists, developers… and double its R&D budget to 1.6 million, is aiming for a turnover of 1.3 million, also relying on its algorithms for predicting hospital flows.

Source : Les Echos, December 14, 2021 :