Press Release | Paris, 12th of October 2023


GMM Group & Milvue continues their improvements and integration of artificial intelligence in their radiology medical devices to support the medical imaging revolution.

GMM,GROUP, with Primax Imagerie MĂ©dicale, part of the Group, European leader for x-ray modalities and Milvue, leading European company in artificial intelligence for medical imaging, are happy to announce the first concrete results of their strategic partnership.

GMM GROUP  embeds on all their solutions, from mobiles to RF tables,  Milvue’s MDR-certified algorithms for musculoskeletal and pulmonary detections as well as osteoarticular measurements and bone age.

Thanks to a state-of-the-integration, GMM proposes Milvue’s algorithms not only embedded in its modalities but also available off-line providing access to AI at any time and at the closest of the patient workflow.

This integrated solution, presented at JFR and immediately available on the French market, opens a new milestone for AI in medical imaging, offering an affordable alternative to RIS-PACS configuration and allowing to bring AI to any configuration, at the closest of production of images.

Monica Sordi, CEO of GMM Group states that GMM believed, from the very beginning, in the quality and effectiveness of Milvue’s algorithm, particularly enforcing the importance to have it in embedded mode. Moreover, the availability of the AI algorithm of Milvue in GMM’s products in offline mode, continues Monica Sordi, simplifies installation for customers and reduces cybersecurity risks.

Khelifa, CEO of Milvue, indicates that this integration, at the edge of the technology of AI for x-rays, is the first result of our partnership after several months of intensive technical work. Having a fully embedded solution is a real breakthrough for numerous users who will visualize in real time, on the screen of their modality the immediate results of the algorithms.


GMM & MILVUE staff will be present at JFR’23 at the booth 203 of PRIMAX IMAGERIE MEDICALE (part of GMM Group) where you could attend a series of demos about the use of AI on GMM’s medical devices and verify the opportunities that the AI ​​world offers to support diagnostics.

About GMM – General Medical Merate

For over 70 years GMM – General Medical Merate, GMM Group, has been a leader in Italy and in the world in the design and production of medical radiology systems.

The wide range of GMM products is the result of continuous investments in R&D and consolidated know-how applied to the incessant technological evolution in order to satisfy the needs of the most advanced diagnostic imaging linked to the best possible ergonomics for the benefit of operator and patient.

GMM is present all over the world, directly and through trusted partners, thanks to numerous installations in the most important hospitals and clinics, providing accurate and timely after-sales technical assistance.

The GMM Group has launched, for its entire range of products, a vast development project, based mainly on the use of artificial intelligence, which aims to optimize its functionality, rationalize the workflow, improve interactions with operators and patients, as well as pursuing a constant improvement in the quality of the radiographic image combined with the reduction of the dose administered to the patient.



Founded in 2018, Milvue markets AI algorithms in 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North America, designed to meet the new challenges of medical imaging. Based on collaboration with medical imaging practitioners and manufacturers, Milvue offers scalable solutions that enable faster diagnoses, better workflow management and even more effective patient focus.

Our artificial intelligence does not replace radiologists, it makes them irreplaceable.